Terms and conditions


By reading these terms you will fully understand your rights and responsibilities.

You may visit this website without signing up to participate as a panel member; although, to receive information on studies you must sign up to be a member. Participation is absolutely voluntary.


Communication with FODRC will be mainly via electronic communication. If you decide to participate in studies and sign up to become a panel member, all invitations will be sent to your email address. Internet access will be of the essence.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

FODRC may decide to change or modify the Terms and Conditions at any time. Changes will be distinctly posted on the site or communicated to you via email. All changes will be active the moment they are posted.

We do NOT provide medical advice

FODRC does not provide medical advice nor does it provide medical services. Services are to be used by and for licensed healthcare professionals who will rely on their medical knowledge and experience.


FODRC can terminate your access to the webpage at any point if the terms of use have been violated. The use of this webpage is for lawful and legal purposes only.

The information that you provide in the participation on surveys is meant to be confidential of FODRC or the sponsor of the survey. You mustn?t publish the content that you deliver in the surveys.

Your Representations

You must represent at least 18 years of age and guarantee that you have the legal right to be compelled to these legal terms of use. You must agree to be responsible for the use of this website as well as the services that correspond with your responsibilities as indicated in these terms of use.

You must guarantee that the personal information that you may provide when signing up and participating in any aspect of this website and our services is accurate. You mustn?t falsify or conceal your true identity or pretend to be someone else.

If you register as a professional related to healthcare, you must guarantee that you are qualified and active, otherwise licensed in your area of healthcare. You must also guarantee that you will not rely on a third party or service when asked about a treatment or diagnosis of a person. You must comply with all the laws and regulations pertinent to you.

If you are unable to make the representations mentioned above, you may not access this website or its services and must terminate its access and use.

Use restrictions

The use you may give this website and its information is for your own personal and non-commercial use. You mustn?t reproduce nor distribute the information provided on this website without direct approval of the copyright owner.

Any rights that are not explicitly stated in these terms of use are reserved by FODRC.

You mustn?t send chain letters or unauthorized mail, neither must you participate in or enable illegal activities. You mustn?t interfere with the website or its services.

Sites from third parties

FODRC will not be responsible for content from third parties or websites that you may come across on our webpage.

Subsequently, FODRC cannot guarantee the ownership, security or correctness of any third party website.


If you sign up to partake as a panel member to respond surveys for different studies, you will be entitled to honoraria for participation which will be specified at the beginning of each survey. The value of your honoraria depends on various elements, for instance the length of the survey and/or the level of difficulty that the study may have.

Our method of payment is by check.

Payments are commonly made within 60 days. Length of payment time may vary depending on the particular survey sponsor. FODRC will not be held accountable for errors in payments due to errors based on information that you provided to FODRC.

FODRC reserves the right to revert honoraria that hasn?t been claimed for over 12 months. It is your obligation to keep up with your payments.

FODRC reserves the right to cancel your honoraria if fraud is suspected or the infringement of any of the clauses set in the terms of use.


You mustn?t give your password to third parties. FODRC has no control over passwords and cannot tell if your password is being used by you or by a third party. You are solely responsible for the actions of your username and password. If you believe that someone else is using your username and password, you must notify FODRC at once.

Content provided in the website

FODRC does its best to assure the precision of the content of the website, but will make no guarantee as to the correctness of the content. If, by any chance, you become aware of an imprecision, please inform us so it can be corrected.

Software downloaded from this site will be the responsibility of the software provider. FODRC does not accept charge for damages produced by such software.

You may find the medical and healthcare related material explicit or offensive. FODRC will not accept accountability for this information. The use of this website is at your own risk.

It is your responsibility to submit accurate information to us in this website.

No assurance

The content of the website is provided as is, with no warranties what so ever.

FODRC does not warrant against machine or human errors, including data loss. Neither does FODRC warrant that this site will be free from malicious code. Neither will FODRC guarantee that the function of this website will be error-free.

When using this website you assume complete accountability for the access or use.