Your time and knowledge are valued. As a panel member, you will be invited to take part in different studies that may be of interest to you, and your participation is rewarded in the form of an honorarium.

You can complete the study in your spare time and at your convenience. You do not have to complete it in one sitting but can break at any time. When you return to the questionnaire, it will open at the place you left.

The survey's presentation is straightforward and user friendly. If by any chance you encounter difficulties, a Food & Drug technical help person is always available and reachable.

We will not give out your name, email address or any other personal information.

Anonymity is ensured. We do not use names or personal information in the results that are presented for analysis. The presented results are always in an aggregate format, and analyzed in an aggregate format.

We also make sure, as best as we can, to invite you only to surveys that fit your professional profile. The only emails that you will receive from us will be invitations to surveys.

We specialize in the healthcare industry. Our panels include doctors, nurses, pharmacists, members of the administration, staff, and patients.

Our objective is for you to have a pleasant experience and at the same time be rewarded for participating in the survey.

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